Roosevelt Street Jazz

Roosevelt Street Jazz aka RoosJazz. What are they? You’ll hear some jazz, some rock, some Latin, contemporary, songs you recognize, songs that sound familiar but aren’t, songs that morph into something altogether different. Lots of improv, lots of freeform playing, lots of room for these three amazing musicians to spread their wings. Sophisticated. Hip. Sassy. Surprising.

Meet journeyman improvisational wizard, John D. Mitchell, on keys. This cat has been playing for 50 years all over the country. He can play it all, from jazz, boogie woogie, rock, Latin, blues. Music from every decade, all infused with his Masters degree in composition and 30 years as a professor at ASU’s Music, Dance, and Theatre. An innate ability to play and lead, an insatiable fire to innovate and grow his craft, and an intensely creative approach to his playing. When we say he can play, we mean: He. Can. Play.

Meet LA-born Albert Allende on 6-string bass. He doesn’t just hold it down, he brings it home with his deep understanding of where the sweet spot is, borne of his background in jazz, rock, and classical,  and his music teaching. He lays it down one moment and then takes off and soars the next, always keeping it tasty and true.

Last but not least, meet kid phenom Ian Mitchell on drums. With playing abilities far beyond his years, he not only keeps up with the other two journeymen musicians, he is their equal. He’s bold, dynamic, and lightning fast, and he drives to the heart of the rhythm in ways you don’t expect. He’s got it going on.

These three incredible musicians are not just here to show off their chops. They’re here to play together, jam together, create that special roosvibe together. And take us on a musical journey together. You never know what to expect other than it’s going to be amazing and you’re going to love it.

Accepting bookings at clubs, weddings, parties, banquets, conventions, events.